Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Layouts!

Well tis the season not to be scrap booking! At least that is how it is for me lately. With so many other things to get done I have failed to get any pages completed. I do know that tis the season that I must take what seems a million photos. Yep that make January the month to scrap for me! I am sure that the developing companies are racking in the money for all those pictures that we took.

I thought I would include some really cute Christmas layouts and the links to them. So here we go!

Fun fast original layout ideas for Christmas scrapbook pages.

Santa Claus is Coming to Town Scrapbook Layout

SANTA Premade 12x12 Scrapbook Page Layout Just Add Pictures

This last link has many formats just like this where you can play with the design and yet create some wonderful looking pages without having to be that creative.

I hope you enjoy these new layouts and links and I will be placing some more after the holidays to show how to scrap the New Year's Eve photos!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Baby Albums

Ever wish you had a wonderfully made baby shower gift? Well so many times I have fallen into the trap of purchasing the same things for that baby shower and I am currently trying to help everyone out with this problem. I make unique albums that I am sure any mother to be would love to have as a gift.

I have created a few of these for gifts and I have to say that the mother to be's that I gifted these albums really enjoyed them. One mother always told me she did not have time to scrapbook and didn't know I found time to be creative. When she saw her book she began to cry. Then she said she showed everyone in her family that evening. When I saw her the next day she said to me; "well I will give you the pictures and you can put them into the album for me." I said; "ok no problem I will do that for you." Well after she had the baby she found herself doing the baby album and really enjoying putting the photos together and reliving those magical moments that just fly by with a brand new baby. On the babies first birthday she put the album out so that everyone could see his first years. That baby is just turned one in April of this year. I can't believe how fast time goes! She is keeping up with her album all by herself and this was a person who said she didn't have time.

In the end you just never know who will really appreciate your thoughtfulness. I was surprised and excited all at the same time. It was really worth it for me to give this mother to be a scrapbook album for her baby shower gift.

So I have been making albums for others for some time now and I am willing to share with anyone who would like to purchase one from me. These albums come from a smoke free and pet free environment. I will ship anywhere!

I look forward to helping others to have wonderful keepsake gifts also.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Begining The Fall Season

Hello Ladies,

With summer over we are able to get started on creating wonderful keepsakes for all those summer memories that we just finished!

The first thing to make sure is that we have all our pictures printed and ready to roll. That is the most important task at hand. Next we need to have the proper supplies that will help us keep organized and focused. Keeping organized and focused can be the hardest thing a scrapbooker has to complete in all the projects that they are creating. There are so many different directions that we can take while looking for supplies and purchasing our embellishments. As a scrapbooker myself you can go way over the top with embellishments that accompany a layout. I try and keep the motto on my mind; "Less sometimes is more!".

As a scrapbooker I see so many people who put so many embellishments on the page that the picture gets lost. I always try not to let that happen. Remember that the scrapbook is about the photo and not about the embellishments. I know that they are beautiful but like I stated before they take away from the photo. Just make sure that the photos take the center stage on your layouts.

The last part of the layout is the paper that should accompany the photos, and embellishments.
Once I have all the different tools that I need for the specific photos I am ready to get scrapping or move onto the next set of photos.

I prefer to get many sets of event photos completed at one time. What I mean is that I take a special event set of photos, paper and embellishments and group them together so that I have everything easily at my fingertips. I like this idea and it lets me to stay organized and ready to complete more layouts than I normally would if I had to search each time for everything that I needed. Also when I am at an event it makes me have to take less supplies to a crop. Less means less time carrying bags into the crop and less to clean up when it is over. I love that I can clean up all my supplies in about 15 minutes tops and I am ready to roll.

I usually prefer to the Power Layout Box from Creative Memories to put all my photos, papers and embellishments together. I know that there are many different boxes out there but this one suits my needs very nicely. It will hold up to 30 page layout supplies. That is a lot of supplies. I can also complete one 45 page album in one weekend at a crop.

I hope these few tips help you to get organized and ready to roll! Please post any and all your time saving tips that you would like to share with fellow scrappers! I will be posting events that are coming up for the month of October!

Please come and join us at these events since they will be helping out the causes that we are fund raising for.

Place: St. Simon and St. Jude
Westland, Michigan
Date: Oct. 16, 2009
Time: 9 am. - 9 pm.
Fee: $35
Contact person: Sandra Kopcak (734) 721-4867

Place: First United Methodist Church
So. Lyon, Michigan
Date: Oct. 25, 2009
Time: 8 am. - 8 pm.
Fee: $35
Contact Person: Cathy Radners (734) 646-2308

Hoping to see you at one of the upcoming crops!

Happy Scrapping!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Another Great Event!

Last night I had the honor of meeting and teaching an amazing group of woman from Henry Ford Medical Center. These are truly amazing woman because of the important carriers they have and the time they put into other things that interest them.

I met woman that are doctors, nurses, assistants and office personel. They all have a passion for what they do just like I do but in another capacity. They came with pictures in hand and stories to tell about the photos they were carrying. It always amazes me how the picture is only the product of the story. I mean that if you look at someones picture you know only a small speck about the event. You can guess maybe where they are at, what they are doing, etc. but the whole big picture is truly in the story behind the photos.

I explained all about scrapbooking, traditional, digital and preserving photos for those that were not interested in scrapbooking. For me preserving your photos is also important if you want others in your family to have those photos. Photos are so easily damaged especially in the different types of weather that we have in Michigan.

I am hoping that some of these woman will continue to preserve photos, add them to albums and maybe even create a digital album someday. The digital world is fast moving and the gratification is so much quicker. With just the click of a button you put photos on the page, write the story behind the photos and then save. You continue until once again you click a button and put the order in and within seven to ten days you have your finished product at your doorstop. You are even capable to duplicating this album with another minor change of how many you would like to order. That simple! Technology has come a long way since I have started scrapbooking and the beauty of it all is beyond me.

I am hoping that in the long run this new group of woman will continue on their albums and attend some of my events in the future. I look forward to helping all those that are interested and I can meet with any group of woman either at their place of employment just like I did for the Henry Ford group, or at my home!

As always I look forward in hearing from you in the future and helping you out in any way that I can either by teaching you how to create or creating for you!

Remember we are all divas in our own way!
Happy Scrapping!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Graduation Album

Here is a graduation album that I created. It is for sale if anyone is interested in purchasing one just like this or one personalized to their liking.

Please contact me at for purchasing this album or any others that are on this site.
All these pages are created by me and are copyrighted, so please refrian from copying!

Happy Shopping!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

New email account!

I just wanted everyone to know that I have set up a new gmail account for all to get ahold of me a lot easier. is my new account.

I will be using this account of the sales off my blog spot. Which I hope are many, please let me know if there is any thing that you would like to me to create for you and please wish me luck, I am going to need it.

Have a great day!


Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Items coming to this Blog!

Hello Ladies,

I just wanted to pass along some changes that I will doing in the next few weeks on this blog.
· I will posting photos of albums that I am creating and they will be available to purchase

· All albums are ready to just add the photos and away you go.

· You can contact me via email at

· There will also be page layout kits for sale, the more kits you purchase the cheaper the costs of each kit

· Each kit will come with all supplies you need to create each layout and a colored photo for you to replicate.

· There will also be character cut outs, for example, Lightning McQueen, Tinker Bell, Cinderella, Pooh, etc, that you can purchase separately if you like to create your own wonderful layouts for a small fee.

· Upon request I can also create an album of your choice; example, baby shower, bridal shower, graduation, etc.

Specialty cards will also be added to the selection of purchases. I can do birthday, wedding, graduation, bridal shower, baby shower, and any other card that you might need invitations for or just a simple but yet personalized card that you might want to give someone special! The possibilities are endless!

I hope that this is the start of a wonderful connection that we have together and that I am able to meet your needs as well as you meeting mine.

Mine needs are the desire to create wonderful keepsakes for those that use my products to enjoy for many years to come!

I will still be giving dates of upcoming fund raiser events that I am attending and any events that I will be hosting that part of the blog will not change. I am just trying to help those that do not have the time to create the layouts an opportunity to continue scrapbooking their family memories without all the hassle of the creating part. All you have to do is add a title if you choose and slap your pictures onto the pages!

All the materials that I have created will be from smoke free home and done with the precision that I would like to put into my albums!

I hope that you like what I am about to create and I look forward to creating for you and your friends in the future!

Happy Scrapping,

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rock-n-Roll Album

Well it’s time to start rocking and rolling our way into summer so I have decided to create an album for just that sentiment. I am creating a rock-n-roll album that has guitars, hearts, and graphic designs and really cool colors that all match throughout the album.

The album has many different styles flowing through its pages. Now to pages are the same as far as layouts are concerned. I have some pages with titles, some without; some pages with double matted areas some without. The stickers, papers, and words used to put on the pages are all matching and the same rock and roll theme.

I will be posting pictures in a few days. This album will be available to purchase if you are interested. Just contact me for pricing. I will be creating other wonderfully themed albums for anyone who is interested in purchasing. These make wonderful gifts, for yourselves and others. I know that most people following my blog scrap already, but sometimes I know myself and others do not always have time to create for others. Also I have been asked lately if I ever run out of ideas on how to create new layout ideas.

Well the answer to running out of ideas is not really. If I feel that I am not able to create something that looks remotely different then I start doing research on the computer or through some of my magazines. This looking through magazines is not limited to just looking at scrapbooking magazines but cooking magazines, news magazines, or anything that you normally you might like to read. Start by looking at the layouts of the ads. I have made many page layouts that turned out wonderfully by using the color schemes and layout ideas from all types of magazines.

Have you ever thought using all types of magazines for layout ideas? Please let me know if you have and if possible then send photos of how it worked out for you.
Good luck in creating wonderful keepsakes for your family and friends and I look forward to sharing more details on the different albums that I create as well as the different fund raisers that I will be working.

Happy Scrapping until we talk again!

Monday, May 18, 2009

so. Lyon Boy Scout Event

Well another successful event. The So. Lyon Boy Scout had a low turnout but that does not mean that fun, laughter and friendliness was not available. The ladies that were in attendence made up truly for all those that were unable to attend. The raffle prizes as always were excellant. I always enjoy purchasing the raffle tickes for $1 for three chances.

Every hour there is a new raffle item and then at the end of the day there are many raffle prizes for another $1 for three chances available. Some of the prizes were beautiful plantes to jump start your planting this spring and some beautifully tall and full trees. Besides those prizes there were many donations for great scrapbooking supplies, jewelry, car washes and much more.

The food like always was excellant with muffins, coffee cakes, coffees with flavored milks, tea, water and of course soda. Lunch was Jimmy John's sandwiches there was turkey, veggie, and roast beef. Chips, carrot cake, chocolate brownies with icing and pretzels that were flavored was available.Dinner was just as good, it was a like a Ziti bake with salad, and garlic bread. It was yummy!!!

As always I had a great time with a great group of ladies! It has been my pleasure to be a part of the group! It has been four years now that I have been a part of their group. They have taken me under their wings and made me feel like an old friend now. I know just about everyone that attends this crop as well as most of the crops that I attend. I try and introduce myself to all those that attend and offer my services to help them out in any way that I can. My products are available to all as well as those materials that I have so that people can use try them and use them on their layouts.

I try and have laout ideas on hand for those to copy form my paper packs, and now I have the cricut so that if anyone is need for a something special or title I am able to cut those out for them also. I have also showed some croppers how to use the design studio that I have hooked up to my computer. I really love this product, since it has made cutting designs out much easier. I am currently creating a Tinker Bell and Friends 8 x 8 album that is simply adorable. I am having to much in creating this album.

I hope that more people will be able to attend this event and any other event that I attend in the future.

Happy Scrapping today and everyday!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gaylord Weekend Event!

Hello Everyone,

Well we had another great week, with another group of wonderfully funny, talented and simply kind ladies! This was my first time in Gaylord and I have to saw other than the weather which happened to be cold, windy and rainy it was a very nice community. My friend Donyale and I went to Gaylord for a Great Scrapbook Event. We were warmly welcomed and are looking forward to attending another event! There were great raffle prizes and one lucky winner even won a cricut. She was very happy as was her grand-daughter who she brought back with her to pick up her wonderful prize! Check out the photos below for this event!

I also had some time to learn how to use my own cricut a little better. I can only say that I really need to have more time to get to know this product and how to use it more effectively. I was able to make the tinker bell name, a tinker bell, and Fawn her friend. They did turn out very cool, but it sure took me forever.

I also learned how to make Hello Kitty with a gift box and a strawberry for Donyale's niece. We did the projects together and laughed so much and had to keep trying but we persevered.

Here are a few of my next upcoming events below and I look forward to sharing with everyone what we do at the events.

May 8, 2009
Farmington Elementary School PTO fund raiser
Fee: $12 per person dinner and drinks included. There will be raffle prizes so bring extra money!
Time: 4pm- 9:30 pm for croppers
Contact Person:

May 9, 2009
National Scrapbook Day Workshop!
Location: Linda Oliveras home
Fee: $20 per person dinner, snacks, drinks, stickers, and color block will be given.
Time: 1:30-9:30pm
RSVP Date: May 6, 2009
Contact Person:

May 16, 2009
So. Lyon Boy Scouts Fundraiser
Location: First United Methodist Church
Fee: $35 all day crop includes, all meals, drinks and raffle prizes will be there so bring your extra money.
Time: 8am - 8pm.
Contact Person: or myself

Keep looking at the updates!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend Event in Fenton!

Well the weekend is over!
Time always flies when your having fun! I surely know that for a fact. I have met some wonderfully nice people, so warm, friendly and helpful. It was amazing that I went into this crop as a vendor, very last minute decision, knowing not one person and upon leaving I flet I had know these woman for longer than just a few days.

I have made an observation with all the events that I have attended in the past five years.
That most woman are eager to help each other out, learn form each other and to just give that little nudge of support when needed.

This observation makes me think that is must have been like this in the quilting bee days, when woman would also sit around and teach younger woman the art of quilting. The woman share stories about families, troubles that have been weighting them down, advice on what works best for color co-ordination, and so on.

We woman are a great communicators and these scrapbook events feed our habits and the need that we all have to share. I can honestly say that I am tired, and yet refreshed getting back home and seeing the family. I can look at the issues at home with a new fresh outlook, and ready to tackle the tasks at hand.

This could not be possible with the love and support of my wonderful husband! He is so supportive and encouraging in all my endeavors. I am so truly blessed!

I hope that all who read this and love to scrap as much as I do also have that love and support of their significant other in order to refresh yourselves!

Have a great day and like always I can't wait for the next weekend, my next getaway in Gaylord, Michigan. There is room for scrappers to join in on the fun! so if any one is interested you can just contact me and I will gladly give you the information, directions and costs.

Have a great day everyone!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Camp Copneconic


Just wanted to post a few photos of this beautiful camp. We have a wonderful sunny day and the lake is simply breathtakingly beautiful. There are horses up the road and the weather could not have been nicer. So of course all attending are in great moods. Funny how the weather has an effect on our moods. Well just wanted to share a few photos

Be back soon with pics of croppers!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Camp Copneconic

I will be at Camp Copneconic this weekend April 16 - 18th for a Stamp and Scrap events that is hosted by Great Lakes Mega Meets. Here are the two links with all in the info you may need to register for the event.
I have posted the link incase any one would like to join us in on the fun. I will be posting photos of course you know me. The camera goes every where that I go!!! Come and join in on the fun, cropping, food and lodging are included in the fee!

Happy Scrapping!!!!

P.S. don't forget to check out the last week of April also since I will be at their Gaylord event, I would love you to join me! Hope to see you at both or either event!

New Products!

Well it has been some time since I have posted and I am truly sorry for slacking off, but I have so much exciting news to tell you about in the upcoming products. I just cannot believe that Creative Memories has moved into the new era of scrapbooking. We are going to have a new product line of paper ribbon, foam squares and paper flowers. Yes, that's right, ribbon, foam and flowers, can you believe it I never thought it would happen. Well I am happy to say that the price is not that bad and neither is the quantity. So here is the scope the Delightful Paper Ribbon you will recieve four spools of ribbon paper that come in different widths for $8, the colors are really nice I have then already in my possession. The Delightful Paper Flowers sell for $8, they come in eight different colors, two different shapes and four sizes. They are really pretty! Last but not least for the outlandish embelisshments is the foam squares for $5.50 and two sheets are included 125 squares 1/4 x 1/4 and 64 squares 2mm approximately the thickness is 1/16th inch. Along with these wonderful embellishments we have some wonderful new paper packs for boys, Wow so many new things and I can't believe they remembered the boys!! The 12 x 12 paper pack are called Discover Coinstruction Zone Power Palette Additions and Discover Make Believe Power Palette Additions which are being sold for $9 You can also purchase both Palette additions for the computer at the low price of $3.95 each to add to your Storybook Plus software. I am really loving those two paper packs, nothing frilly about them and they include stikcer and verbage. Of course they haven't forgetten the girls they have also created new 12 x 12 paper packs for them called Delight Tea Party Power Palette Additions and Delight Surfer girl Power Palette Additions both sell for $9. Both of the paper packs are also available in the digital version for $3.95 each. Each paper pack comes with paper, stickers, and verbage as well.

Speaking of digital, "WOW!!!" is all I can say! They have come out with so many items to many to list here but I will give you a few anyway. CM has a whole line of Cottage Garden Digital Predesigned pages available in all four sizes of storybooks. The cost is $7.95 and $3.95 for the 8x8 book only. They also have a new Memory Manager 3.0, don't worry, for those of you that have the old version Memory Manager 2.0 you are still able to utilize your old software all you have to upgrade it for $15.95 but CM is offering a SPECIAL DEAL for the months of May/June you can upgrade for only $9.95. You can upgrade one of two ways via computer or you can recieve the CD via the mail. The Memory Manager 3.0 is $39.95 on CD or via Download no differene. My opinion only but I like to have the CD, just in case something happens to my computer I have a back up. That's just me!

There are so many more digitial software items available that I cannot list them all. Just check out my web site at and you can see everthing that is available as of May 1, 2009.

Another item that is available are three different ways to get your albums completed weather they are digital or traditional. Here is the way they are listed!

1.) Finish it Up Bundles $25 which include: 1 Package of 12 x 12 scrapbook pages, 1 package of 12 x 12 page protectors and 1 free tape runner. You are able to choose the color pages that you would like, white, spargo, natural, or black

2.) $10 off a Storybook - You can order and 11 x 8.5 personalized cover storybook at the CM photo center. This offer is available May 1st - June 6th, 2009 only.

3.) $99 Slide it Collection - which contains a PicFolio Milestones Coverset in black, 3 packs of Multi-Pocket sleever (15 pack), Jewel Heritage Milestones Kit

Reminder: The original 12 x 12 refill pages and page protectores are availabel through Aug. 31, 2009 and while supplies last beginning Sept. 1, 2009

The 12 x 10 Landscape Refill pages and page protectores will be available while supples last beginning Sept.1, 2009.

For those individuals that purchase from me via my website or at my home and who complete an album with those supplies will be recieving for FREE a customer appreciation gift!
You read that right a FREE gift for just working on your albums, what's better than that.

So hurry, don't wait to order those supplies, the Free customer appreciation gift is only for a limited time, (May 31, 2009) or while supplies last! You must order at least $60 before taxes in order to qualify for the FREE Gift. You can share the gift with someone by putting your orders together to add up to the $60. I know that times are tuff right now for everyone and I just want all those that can to get something for free. I know I love getting free merchandise. I will be posting some photos of the new products and what I do with them in order to you some ideas. I just can't wait to dig in and start scrapping!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Great Web Site!

Hello All,

Just wanted to let you know that I have found this great new scrap sharing web site with over 15,000 people who are sharing. Here is the link:
It is free to join and the woman are really great! They have a wonderful gallery with layouts, there are also different types of topics of discussion. They also have non related subjects like, recipes, entertainment, schooling, special needs families, digital scrapbooking and one thing that I found interesting is swaps. What this means is that we can share our ideas and send them into the host, (the person running the swap), for other swaps. I have joined my first swap and what I have to do is to create five, two page layouts with all the embellishments, titles and paper and then send them off before June 19th, I believe that is what the date is and then I will recieve five sets of new ideas from new themes. It sounds really interesting. I am also trying to learn how to some new techniques that seem to make animals look really fuzzy, as well as paper piercing. Wow so much to learn and I relaly don't have that much time to get it all done. But like all things we just keep on trying new things to create keepsakes for our families to enjoy. Lastly, the group also has discussions about altered books, card making, upcoming retreats. Like I said the group is very interesting and I am loving it so far!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

St. Patrick's update

Just wanted to say what a great time we had last night! The layouts were beautiful ladies. I love the creations that everyone can make from my one main idea. I always enjoy watching everyone create a layout. I make the layout with one idea in mind and then I see how everyone puts a spin on that main idea and does things that I would not have thought about. I am totally amazed at the outcome. All in all we had fun, laughing, talking and sharing like always. Some days I sit and wonder and ask myself how blessed I am to have these wonderful scrapbooking friends. It reminds me of the old quilting bees that woman in the past used to have in which they made beautifully designed quilts. Well we scrapbookers are made of the same stuff the only difference is that we are creating wonderfully beautiful and amazingly thought out life legacies with our albums. Our families histories are being shared in the albums, just the same way the quilts told their stories. It is funny to me how woman need that bonding with other woman. Life is good and I hope that everyone feels the same!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Gaylord Scrapbooking Event!

Everyone is welcome to join this event from all over, all croppers pay $220 for two nights, two days and this includes lodging and space to crop. I am not sure if the meals are included. I am attending as a vendor only! I thought I would include the event in case anyone wanted to join in on the fun! You need to contact Great Lakes Scrapbooking Events at to reserve your spot. Hope to see you there! The event date is April 24 - 26th, 2009.

Easter Layout Workshop!

Hello Everyone,
We will be creating a layout for the Eater holiday! The event will be held on April 17th - 18th, 2009 from 6pm - midnight on Friday with dinner included, and then again return on Saturday from 2pm - 10pm with dinner, drinks, and supplies included in your low fee of $40. Please contact me at to reserve your spot today!

Garden City High School Fund Raiser

All are welcome to join this fund raiser for the Garden City High School. The crop fee is $35 for the day with all meals included. Time of the event is from 9am- 9pm. at Garden City High School on Middlebelt Rd. in Garden City, Michigan. You can contact Cindy Phillips at You bring all your supplies and crop the day away, bring extra money for the great raffle prizes.

St. Patick's Day Workshop!

Hello Everyone,

We will be creating a page for St. Patick's Day on March 14th from 1:30 - 9:30 pm. The fee is $15 for the day including supplies, dinner, drinks, and snacks. Please RSVP by March 12th, 2009. All our welcome! You can contact me at to hold your spot.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend Getaway

Just wanted to share the pictures of how much fun we had at our Weekend Getaway! We met new friends and had a great time with old friend. Many of girls were able to get aleast twenty pages or more done. We had great food and so many laughs it is hard to count. We even went to the small bar that was attached to our banquet room and a few of us sang kareoke. We had so many laughs, so little sleep and great food. I hope to have another one soon and all are invited to attend. Most of the girls were asking when another event was scheduled. I will keep you posted on the date, time and place. I loved the atmosphere, the laughs, the music, the food but most of all I loved that we were able to share experiences. This for me is the best. I also loved that we finished the weekend most of girls were happy to have accomplished what they did in their albums. They just could not wait to show their families waiting at home the progress they had made. For me personally that is what I love best about scrapbooking, that I able to assist families in recording their adventures of a lifetime. I want to thank of the girls that helped me make this event possible. I especially want to thank my right hand gal Meme without her I would have been totally lost and would have never been to pull this off by myself. Love you girl like the sister I never had!!!!! I also like to thank Michelle Watts, from Picture Perfect Embossing and Julia Piggins from Close to my Heart for attending the event! Well until the next wild and crazy scrapbooking event! Whoever said scrapbookers are dull and boring surely did not meet us! We truly are like no other scrapbooking group you know why, "WE ARE DIVA'S"
Scrap On Everyone !

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Scrapaholic Getaway Weekend Event!

On Feb. 27th - March 1st, I will be hosting a Scrapaholic Weekend Getaway at the Best Western in Woodhaven, Michigan. The fee for the weekend is $110 this includes all your meals, snack, drinks and goody bags. I currently have 28 woman attending and I have room for just a few more. Anyone wanting to attend this weekend needs to contact me at I will be happy to add you to our group. The event runs from Friday 6pm until Sunday 6pm. I look forward to seeing you and hoping that we all have a great time! I will be posting photos of our event after the event! Everyone have a great week!

So. Lyon Fundraiser

So. Lyon's Wrestling Fund Raiser was a huge success. Not only for the wrestling team, but also for all the woman who were scrapbooking today. Yes, the weather was terrible, but the event started way before the snow began to fly. We were fortunate to have the wrestling team to help load and unload all of our products. There were many wonderful raffle prizes. The boys even made homemade chocalate chip cookies for us to enjoy. The food as always was great! Many people were learning to how to use their cricut cutters, including myself. All in all we had a great time! I hope you enjoy the photos. More photos to come from fundraisers and layouts. There were a few vendors in attendance, Close to My Heart, Creative Memories, TLC, and Two Sisters. They all helped make the day a success! Thanks to all who participated and helped to make this successful!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Christmas Present!

The paper was so busy that I was not sure how to create a page layout with only one photo and still make it seem like the story flowed in the album. So I used the lined paper for the wall paper (or background), then I used a decortive trmmer to make the four strips that are wavy. I matted the four strips with plane colored cardstock and then placed another design print on top. Make sure that when you are doing this you use the same curves so that the paper will match up and the curves are going in the same directions. Then I matted the photo three times. First mat the photo with cardstock that matches closes, second mat with the designed paper, and third use the same color cardstock again. You can use another cardstock if you choose, I just thought there were enough colors already in the layout. I placed the two twelve inch decorative strips together one horizontally and one verticallly, crossing over each other in the center. I took another strip and cut it in half at the ends I angled and cut again making it look like ribbon and placed the photo that is matted over the center and make sure only the ends of the of the strips are hanging out making it appear to have a ribbon effect. Once I completed all this I added the embellishments that I felt went with the layout. If you lie you could omit this step being that the paper is busy. It is totally all your choice on how creative you would like to be.