Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Getting Unpacked!

Well Monday I was finally able to unpack most of my scrapbooking supplies! Whew what a relief they have been in my new garage for the past three and half weeks. The weather has been crappy and my scrapbook area was not completed.

As most of you know I went through all the my stuff like I have never seen it before. I was like a kids in a candy store! I also purchased the the Gypsy from Cricut and I have to say that today (Tuesday) up uploaded all my cartridges. It was so simple and fast. Now I have to learn how create wonderful images.

Now comes the task of the best way to store and display my supplies. I have so much paper that I have told my friends if I purchase another piece of paper just shoot me. Most of friends say well we scrappers can not have enough paper. You just never know what you might need. I am sure that you can relate that the perfect piece of paper is just at the next stop.

I would love any and all suggestions that anyone has about the best possible storage solutions that work. I would even love to see some photos if you anyone would like to share.

I have found someone who will be attending the Mall of America event with me do I have any more takers. I am open to having a group!

Looking forward to seeing and hearing about suggestions!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Going to Mall of America!!!

Hello Fellow Scrappers,

It seems like a hundred years since I have written anything about scrapbooking. It has also been that long since I have actually done the act. I have moved from one state to another and that has caused my scrapping and supplies to be put on the back burner.

Well the time has come to break free from the hum drum of moving and focus on the business at hand getting caught up somewhat. Exactly what does that statement mean, "Get somewhat caught up?". I am sure that everyone has a different definition of what that means to them. For me it means having most of my albums completed, photos organized, supplies on hand for every layout, and lots of time!

Time is the essence of each layout! I always seem to need time to get things all set up and then start laying the page out. Lately though I find myself creating layouts without photos easier. Since I have made so many albums in the past year for people. I almost forgot how to scrap with photo's!

Well time will tell if I can get my act together in the next few months. With all the work that I have been doing with the move I figured I deserved a break and so I am planning on taking a trip a huge scrapbooking event to the Mall of America. Archiver's scrapbooking store is sponsoring the event. The date is set for September. I just can't wait! The price is not set yet, but I really want to try to get there. If anyone would like to join me please just let me know. I look forward to having any of my friends join me for this experience. I do not know what to expect nor do I know how grand it will be. I just figure what do I have to lose since life is about having adventure's. I just do not seem to have enough in life!!!

Well until we meet again!
Happy Scrapping!!!