Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rock-n-Roll Album

Well it’s time to start rocking and rolling our way into summer so I have decided to create an album for just that sentiment. I am creating a rock-n-roll album that has guitars, hearts, and graphic designs and really cool colors that all match throughout the album.

The album has many different styles flowing through its pages. Now to pages are the same as far as layouts are concerned. I have some pages with titles, some without; some pages with double matted areas some without. The stickers, papers, and words used to put on the pages are all matching and the same rock and roll theme.

I will be posting pictures in a few days. This album will be available to purchase if you are interested. Just contact me for pricing. I will be creating other wonderfully themed albums for anyone who is interested in purchasing. These make wonderful gifts, for yourselves and others. I know that most people following my blog scrap already, but sometimes I know myself and others do not always have time to create for others. Also I have been asked lately if I ever run out of ideas on how to create new layout ideas.

Well the answer to running out of ideas is not really. If I feel that I am not able to create something that looks remotely different then I start doing research on the computer or through some of my magazines. This looking through magazines is not limited to just looking at scrapbooking magazines but cooking magazines, news magazines, or anything that you normally you might like to read. Start by looking at the layouts of the ads. I have made many page layouts that turned out wonderfully by using the color schemes and layout ideas from all types of magazines.

Have you ever thought using all types of magazines for layout ideas? Please let me know if you have and if possible then send photos of how it worked out for you.
Good luck in creating wonderful keepsakes for your family and friends and I look forward to sharing more details on the different albums that I create as well as the different fund raisers that I will be working.

Happy Scrapping until we talk again!

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