Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend Getaway

Just wanted to share the pictures of how much fun we had at our Weekend Getaway! We met new friends and had a great time with old friend. Many of girls were able to get aleast twenty pages or more done. We had great food and so many laughs it is hard to count. We even went to the small bar that was attached to our banquet room and a few of us sang kareoke. We had so many laughs, so little sleep and great food. I hope to have another one soon and all are invited to attend. Most of the girls were asking when another event was scheduled. I will keep you posted on the date, time and place. I loved the atmosphere, the laughs, the music, the food but most of all I loved that we were able to share experiences. This for me is the best. I also loved that we finished the weekend most of girls were happy to have accomplished what they did in their albums. They just could not wait to show their families waiting at home the progress they had made. For me personally that is what I love best about scrapbooking, that I able to assist families in recording their adventures of a lifetime. I want to thank of the girls that helped me make this event possible. I especially want to thank my right hand gal Meme without her I would have been totally lost and would have never been to pull this off by myself. Love you girl like the sister I never had!!!!! I also like to thank Michelle Watts, from Picture Perfect Embossing and Julia Piggins from Close to my Heart for attending the event! Well until the next wild and crazy scrapbooking event! Whoever said scrapbookers are dull and boring surely did not meet us! We truly are like no other scrapbooking group you know why, "WE ARE DIVA'S"
Scrap On Everyone !

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  1. Happy to come by and help you, as well as get my own stuff done, Linda. I had fun and I think everyone else did, too! Good job on a great weekend event! :-)